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Did you know that your home movies, cassettes and DVDs only have a shelf life of less than 20 years? And if stored improperly, they can become unreadable in less than half that time.

That's why you should save your data with...


I can transfer your old video & audio tapes or scan your photos & documents to a high-quality digital format, and return them for your viewing on a USB Stick or on Google Drive!

Note: Storage on DVDs or CDs is not recommended, as the format also has a limited shelf life. USB Sticks and Cloud storage are considered ideal.

Currently operating out of the Omaha, Nebraska area. Pickups and dropoffs can be arranged.

[email protected]

Why Archive?

There are many reasons why you should transfer your old media to digital formats. To name a few:

Data Rot

For many of these formats, time is running out. Tapes or DVDs stored improperly may become unreadable after 15 years or less. Photos and documents will inevitably rot.

Ease of Access

Who has the time to plug in their 20 year old camcorder into the TV and watch through hours of tapes? Digital copies can be easily skipped through and will never lose quality.

Professional Service

Leave it to a local, experienced professional to keep your memories safe. Your media will be transferred in the highest possible digital quality while staying affordable.


Prices are per one unit and based on media format. Large orders may be eligible for bulk discounts.



Videotape $5.00 per 2 hour segment
Audiotape $1.50 per 30 minute segment
Optical Disc $2.00 per disc
Document $0.50 per page
Photo $0.25 per photo


Supported Types

Videotape VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Digital8, Hi-8, MiniDV
Audiotape Cassette
Optical Disc CD, DVD

Storage Options


Google Drive (Recommended) $0.00
USB Stick (Recommended) $3.00
DVD $2.00

If you want to place an order or get a quote, contact me here:

[email protected]

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