The Development of Half-Life 2: Episode One


A collection of my notes and projects related to the early and unused content of Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Level Development Timelapse

Created by Robin Walker for his 2006 post-mortem of Episode One at the Steam Developers Conference. A longer version with more levels may exist, however this is the only version that could be located.

aftermath_devshots.wmv shows a handful of different versions of the level ep1_c17_01.bsp. The video does not reach the final version, and ends sometime before it was split into two levels. (ep1_c17_01.bsp and ep1_c17_01a.bsp)


April 8th, 2005

Half-Life 2: Aftermath Sneak Peak April 15th, 2005

April 20th, 2005

May 23rd, 2005

Half-Life 2 Aftermath: Episode One June 15th, 2005

June 29th, 2005

August 5th, 2005

August 10th, 2005

August 29th, 2005

November 10th, 2005

January 9th, 2006

February 13th, 2006

February 22nd, 2006

March 24th, 2006 April 7th, 2006

April 14th, 2006

April 28th, 2006

May 22nd, 2006

May 24th - May 31st, 2006

June 1st, 2006

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